What We Do

This is a new graduate course that will draw upon diverse backgrounds of students to tackle problems in life science for commercialization. A course of this nature has not been attempted before at the University of Toronto.

This is a dedicated website for a cross-functional graduate course, called Creating Life Science Products (BTC1850H), offered by the University of Toronto Mississauga through the Institute of Management Innovation (IMI).

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We'd like to thank Boehringer Ingelheim for their sponsorship.

Course Registration, Location & Dates

This course is open to all graduate students with some background in life sciences. It is also open to design oriented students from OCAD university

Course location/time: Held downtown Toronto on the University of Toronto campus, every other Monday evening 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM. We meet twice monthly, through fall & winter terms.

Registration - For details contact Jennifer McCarney in the MBiotech program. You cannot enroll by using ROSI.

Graduate students from OCAD should complete an "Ontario Visiting Graduate Student Application" and submit such to the Graduate Office at OCAD.

Venue of Final Presentations Course Outline

Parker's Polemic - Commentary

Dr. Jayson Parker
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Welcome to Creating Life Science Products (BTC1850H). This is the inaugural year of this course and is an experiment in cross-functional training for graduate students.

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